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The Interfaith Union is a resource center providing educational support, mentoring and formation for interfaith and interchurch families and the clergy and religious communities that serve them, via consulting and chaplaincy.


A few years ago, in the summer of 2008, my husband Stephen died after a prolonged battle with brain cancer.  During our 23 years of marriage, although I was the Catholic and he the Jew, we managed to raise our three children in the most remarkable way - in love and dedication in community, together and steadfastly, attending services and creating ritual, to the point that from the outside you weren't sure who was who: we were an interfaith family!

After his death, I entered seminary training, receiving a Masters in Theology, with an emphasis on Spirituality and Cross Cultural studies, searching for the way to continue my work with The Interfaith Union, though in a transformed way. The circle is now complete, having just completed pastoral education as Chaplain and Minister.

If you are looking for a minister to support and guide you in those conversations prior to your interfaith wedding…to preside at the celebration of your marriage….or the funeral of a beloved…the celebration of Hebrew Naming and Baptism, I am glad you found us.  

In peace and all good things, 

Eileen O’Farrell Smith, MPH, MA

Founder and Director





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